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Wife, Mom, Friend, Jesus Lover

I am a small town girl with a big God call. Life is an adventure best lived with friends and family. Throw in a lot of laughter, a few tears, a glass of sweet iced tea (or Coke Zero), a party size bag of Cheetos, a game of Catan, and I am all over it!

Loving my husband, momming my kids, and mentoring a generation of Christ followers to see the hand of God move in their lives is my passion. My husband, Brian, and I have traveled thousands of miles, cried buckets of tears, and laughed until our ribs hurt bringing good news to people around the globe. We raised our children to search the scripture for truth, do what Christ did, and love themselves enough to love their neighbor.

Over 40 years of ministry in Sunday schools, youth groups, large and small seminars, and one on one counseling has taught me a few things! God has a bigger plan than I do, Old Testament Bible stories are WILD, and no one is beyond redemption. We are never too old or young to follow a new path, dream a new dream, or get a new vision. Fear is a faith sucker and I refused to live with a sucker!

The books I have in my heart and head are slowly coming out in ink on paper. Join me on this adventure. I guarantee it won’t be boring!

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