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And So It Begins

I like to write. I would rather write than talk, and those who know me know I love to talk. But there is something satisfying about being able to put my thoughts on paper. They can be rearranged, sorted, tidied, and when finished they make the best sense.

I enjoyed writing essays in school, research papers in college, and blogs when technology came to be. I am not good at journaling, but I have lists and notes in an assortment of tablets and note books.

Four years ago I began writing a book. It began as a task I felt should be done. Getting started was hard, but finding time and inspiration to continue was harder. Then it was time to format the manuscript. That was so tedious. I wouldn’t settle for half measures. I knew it would be an independent (indy) publication through Amazon, but I was determined it would look like a big name publishing house put it out. I am happy with the final product. It isn’t a best seller, but Go, Love and The In Between has moved past the “sympathy” sales, and the reviews have been positive!

Go, Love, and The In Between was inspired by God. Still, it took me years to be disciplined enough to write on a regular basis. It was also intimidating to put it on the market. Self doubt came to surface. Although I know I am qualified to write, and my ideas and opinions are valid, I was opening myself up to the critique of friends, family, and even strangers. I already knew who I am, but it taught me a lot about being brave and courageous and to trust God!

Today begins my next book! Brie and I mind mapped it a few months ago. The map has been hanging on my bedroom wall, and the ideas have begun to form stories in my head. Now is the time to begin to put them on paper (or at least it looks like paper on my computer screen). This one will be a compilation of the stories I have lived and some of the tricks I have learned while living in Uganda.

The tools of my trade are simple: My trusty HP with MS Word, a mouse, a notebook, pens, pencil, inspiration, and a cold drink. Let the writing begin!

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