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Easter Call

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

Brian and I received a phone call from Gabe and Sarah Easter night. Our internet hadn’t yet slowed to the Sunday night crawl, and we had power. Both pretty rare on Sundays in Seguku! We had a video connection and they were grinning ear to ear.

Gabe began the call with, “Mom, you have to be home by December 9. No matter what.”

Let’s back up a bit. Brie and Isaac are working on the K-1 fiancé visa. This has been a two year “adventure” with too many twists and turns to count. Brian and I had extended our stay in Uganda longer than usual to try and help navigate them through the cumbersome process. As time goes on, there will be other tales of this journey.

Uganda was in a full lock down when the call came from my oldest kids. Our land borders were closed, the airport was closed, and all transportation (except medical and government vehicles) had been brought to a grinding halt just a week before. We were reduced to the area we could walk and were living under a 7:00-6:00 curfew. Grocery stores, banks, pharmacies, medical offices/clinics and phone stores were operating. Schools, churches, restaurants, bars, public markets, and all other businesses had closed. We were scheduled to return to America in June or July, but with the current situation that was most unlikely.

“Of course I will be there!” I responded without hesitation, “Why?”

I was pretty sure of the answer, but wanted to hear it from them!

“We’re pregnant!” they both giggled.

How exciting! We are getting a baby! Despite crazy pandemics, closed borders, and global uncertainty I promised to be in Roseburg in the fall. After all, I am still a mom with crazy mom skills!

Zoe, Noah, and I arrived in America this week. Brian is still in Uganda with Brie while she navigates the intricacies of embassies and borders reopening. He is working on some projects there, and I will work from here. Our family rarely divides and conquers; but Covid times call for Covid measures. I am thankful God has blessed me with children who still want their mom. I am blessed with a husband who stands with us even when it’s hard. I am blessed with friends, family, and ministry partners that give us the flexibility to do what we need to do.

It’s a new season. God is expanding and enriching through stretching and challenge. New life is being born while old ways are broken off. I am excited and expectant along with my son and his wife! Let the adventures continue!

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