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"F" Words For This Thanksgiving

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

It’s Thanksgiving! The one holiday of the year that really is just about being FULL of thanks. Celebrating the goodness of God with a FEAST, while taking time to enjoy FAMILY and FRIENDS, is a long held tradition in most of our homes.

Thanksgiving 2020 is presenting a new set of challenges for many. A statewide FREEZE and FEAR are trying to overshadow the FUN and FESTIVITIES. We have been told to cancel the large family dinners, curtail our church services, stay home, and stay alone. We are constantly bombarded with a new set of case numbers trying to justify a bevy of unsocial rules and regulations. Amidst shutdowns, unemployment, and depression it is easy to FORGET all that God has provided.

I get to feast, play, and pray with my brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, and most of my children in America this year. I will eat the turkey, indulge in the pecan pie, play BINGO, and remember the One who made all good things possible. Even though Brian and I are apart for the first time in 38 years, I am thankful for an amazing husband who isn't afraid to FACE challenges and FIGHT for our kids! I have FAITH that God will make a way and thanksgiving continues to reign in my heart!

We had all hoped and prayed for the release of Isaac's fiancé visa in time for the holidays. Nairobi's embassy is still closed, and the wait continues, so Brian and Brie are preparing their own Thanksgiving meal in Uganda. Brie and I have planned and plotted their holiday feast. We have been chatting daily, planning menus, sharing recipes, and I rejoiced with her when she found celery! Their guest list is tiny, three friends and their little family of three, but the purpose of the day is not diminished. Riots, celery shortages, embassies, and distance can’t stop a thankful heart!

Whether you are celebrating through ZOOM or in person, with many or few, with turkey or pizza, or whatever works for you, remember to stop and thank God for all the good things in your life. You might have to look a little harder this year, but they are there!

Zoe's leaf from her Thankful Chain, made the first year she was allowed to come to America, says so much! "I HAVE A LIFE!" God gives us life, Jesus gives us FREEDOM, and we get to choose daily how we will respond to those gifts. Don't be robbed of your blessings! Be Thankful!

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