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She Should Have Written A Book

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

My mom always talked about writing her memoirs, and she had some great stories to tell. She grew up in Colorado in the 1930s. She used to tell stories about her life as a little girl growing up without indoor plumbing and electricity. She made my Uncle Bud into a bigger than life hero in the little town of Alamosa, CO where it was scorching hot in the summer, and her bare feet stuck to the cold floor in the winter. She even rode to school on the back of a horse!

My parents married young. He was a handsome soldier just returned home from the Air Force. She was an 18 year old housekeeper in a boarding house when they met and eloped. That’s right; my parents eloped, across state lines, to get married. I never got the whole story, but how romantic!

When my oldest sister, Sue, was 15 days old old my young parents joined a few other brave souls in the back of a pickup truck and made the 1,360 mile journey from Alamosa, Colorado to Yoncalla, Oregon in search of work. Sue rode in the front with a family friend. That was the beginning of more adventures spanning over 60 years.

My mom was a problem solver. We needed a bigger house when I was a little girl, so we built one. We didn't have it built; we built it. It was an unconventional building project, but the house still stands 40 years later. I learned to cook, can, and sew from her. I also learned how to hammer a nail straight the first time, screw metal braces to 2x4s, stain and paint wood, and have fun along the way. She was a two time cancer survivor who never gave up.

My love of growing things comes from her. Rose gardens and vegetable gardens both have their places in the yard. Rabbits and chickens provide food, but pets are also fun to have. Life is intended to be lived to its fullest and enjoyed all the more.

My mom loved Jesus, and taught me to love him too. Some of her inspiration is in my first book, Go, Love and the In Between! I wish I had written it sooner so she could have celebrated it with me. I wish we had gotten her stories on paper, and perhaps someday I will.

So, to all you potential, “someday” authors out there; go, tell your stories. Write a book!

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