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Yellow Roses

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

A bouquet of yellow roses caught my eye, and a flood of memories flashed through my mind! My dad loved yellow roses, and I love my dad. He shaped our family through love and laughter. He was my best advocate and protector. He taught me to be selfless, resourceful, and have grace for others. He also taught me how to play pinochle, pick the best Christmas tree in the forest, and how to drive. I can even tell you if the road is sloped correctly when going around a corner.

He loved to buy old cars and not fix them up, drink hot, strong black coffee (NEVER wash the percolator), take Sunday drives, and enjoy long visits with friends and family. Dad died when I was only 27 years old, but he is forever imprinted on my life.

I see him in my brother, Kevin, my sisters, and me. We have our quirky senses of humor, abilities to try something at least once, the need to look for a solution, and staunch support for the underdog compliments of him.

My brother even has his voice and easy laid back ways. A few years ago, Brie was telling Kevin some far-fetched plan she had. She gave him all the reasons why she was going to do whatever it was, and all the details. She was excited to try it, and we were all pretty sure it was a doomed adventure.

With a twinkle in his eyes, Kevin smiled, and said, “Good for you, Brie. Let me know how that goes for you.”

That was how my dad was. He never threw cold water on our dreams, and he gave us the freedom to try. There was no judgment in failure, and if we succeeded he was right there congratulating us.

I bought the yellow roses, and while they brought a bit of a tear from the memories, they brightened my dining room table even more. August is my dad’s birth month, and my mom’s and his anniversary would be this weekend.

Those flowers make them feel a little closer. Simple things are the best, and remembering the special people that taught us those lessons make life a little brighter.

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